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Oaktree Foundation

Australia’s largest youth run organisation, which is leading a movement to end extreme poverty.

“When I first met Glenn several years ago my first impression was that his reputation was consistent with his delivery. Glenn is genuinely one of a kind – he is a mentor and an advisor. He has a level of integrity and commitment unlike anyone I’ve ever met. Glenn has supported the Oaktree Foundation as a board member, consultant, donor and fundraiser – he has been the linchpin of our organisation. Above all, I trust Glenn to provide Oaktree with consistent advice and sound wisdom.”


— Viv Benjamin, Former CEO

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Marair Dangerous Goods Specialists

Provider of specialised logistic and freight services.

"We have been a client of Platform Advisors for over 15 years. When we first met with Glenn and his team we were new to business ownership and we were surprised at the mentoring and personal service that was provided – we had previously been concerned about the costs and extent of services when engaging an accounting firm. We found Platform Advisors operated like a business partner and was very engaged with where we were at and what was required to grow our business successfully. Glenn and his team at Platform takes great care of their clients and we now consider Glenn a close friend – he feels very much part of the fabric of our business ventures."

- Laura & Andrew Hahn, Business Owners

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Seven Women

Empowering marginalised women through skills training and employment.

“Before I found Glenn and his team I had spoken with a few other accounting and business services but they didn’t ‘get’ my entrepreneurial mindset, nor were they enthusiastic about social enterprises. When I met Glenn I realised that he ‘got’ it. He has a genuine interest in what we do at Seven Women and immediately led us in a professional direction, providing us with a strategy to grow at a time when I didn’t know how to do this. Glenn is my friend, mentor and advisor. His holistic approach and ability to relate to what we do has made him an integral part of Seven Women.”

— Stephanie Woollard, Founder